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The Flextras Calendar Component lets you to display dated data in a Flex app as if it were in a Calendar.

Product Info

The Flextras Calendar Component allows you to add a Calendar view into your application. Just plug in your dataProvider and be off and running:

  • Completely Customizable: Everything you see on screen with our Calendar is implemented using renderers. Create your own days or headers by extending our defaults or completely replacing them to create the display that you need to.
  • Item Editors: Do you need to edit your data in the Calendar format? We support all the same itemEditor properties and events from the Flex List.
  • Localization: Do you need to localize your Calendar? We implement all the localization features from the DateChooser API, such as firstDayOfWeek and monthSymbol.
  • Drag and Drop: What would a Flex App be without some drag and drop properties? We support all the Drag and Drop properties and events from the List API. You can drag items into the Calendar, and drag items out of the Calendar.




This list contains samples we put together to show off the component:

Client Prototypes

These are prototypes we put together based on client requests and may be less documented than the above list: