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Check out our Angular Book Series.

Check out my Angular 4 Book Kickstarter

I know this isn't related to Flex Development, but I just launched a Kickstarter for an Angular 4 book. Check it out here. There are a lot of details on the Kickstarter page, but this is your chance to learn how I build HTML5 apps similar to the ones we used to build with Flex.

There are a lot of details on the Kickstarter page, so click over there and back now.

I wrote a training course on AngularJS

I know this is a bit different than the Flex content I would usually write about on this blog, but I've spent a lot of the past year putting together a training course that teaches AngularJS to Flex Developers. It is finally available.

The base of this are two books that work together, one builds an application in Flex and the other builds the same application in AngularJS. For me it was a great way to compare and contrast the two technologies; and I'd like to think that approach can also help others.

The main books are available under a pay what you want scheme; but I made a lot of extras available including bonus articles and a full screencast series.

Check out the packages; and choose one that works for you. I'd appreciate the support. You can use the discount code 'flextras' to get a 10% discount.

Come Learn new stuff at 360|Flex in April

360|Flex has always been the best conference for Flex Developers. With Adobe's latest PR blundering, the future of Flex and the Flash Platform is, unfortunately, in question. However, 360|Flex is still on. If you take a look at the 360|Flex schedule, you'll notice there are plenty of sessions geared towards teaching Flex developers new technologies. JavaScript, Objective C, HTML5 are some of the things that jump out at me.

I'll be there to talk about building a game in Flex, and why that is a horribly bad idea. It should be fun and you'll see some of my experiments first hand.

If you're interested, try to get budget approval for it this year and get in on the early ticket price. Or get a group of friends together and go after the team ticket for even greater discounts.

360Flex Denver Wrapup - 4/22/2011 - Episode 99 - Flextras Friday Lunch

Today I talk about my experiences at last week's 360|Flex conference in Denver. We talk abut tablets and tablet development.

Flextras Friday Lunch is a short demo followed by open Q&A that occur the first and third Friday of every month at 1pm EST. The presentations take place over Connect. You can find out what time this occurs in your own time zone at

I hope I can help answer some of your questions at the next one.



Get a the Flextras Flex AutoComplete Component with your 360|Flex Ticket

Flextras is a sponsor of 360|Flex Denver this coming April. 360|Flex is the best Flex conference and they always put on a killer show. They'll have 50 sessions from some of the industries best coders; plenty of networking events, and even a full day of hands on sessions.

As part of our sponsorship agreement, we will be holding two 24 hour sales. If you buy a 360|Flex ticket tomorrow, February 16th, then you are eligible for a free Flextras AutoCompleteComboBox Component license. This will be our unlimited domain edition which comes with the complete source code including the source for our brand new, free, Spark AutoComplete component.

See the ">360Flex write up about that on their blog.

If you like Flextras and 360|Flex; head over to 360|Flex tomorrow to pick up your ticket. Then the 360|Flex folks will e-mail you instructions on how to get your complimentary Flextras Component.

Even if you can't snag your tickets tomorrow for whatever reason, you can still try out our free developer editions, and our completely free Spark version--which is included as part of our Developer Edition Download. Check them out today.

Upcoming Conferences and a few Podcast Recordings

There are a few events coming up that Flextras will be a part of.

Unfortunately for you, the RIA Unleashed event in Boston on November 13th is already sold out. But, thankfully Flex Camp Wall Street is not. Flex Camp Wall Street is a 2 day event in New York City focused on Flex on November 16th and 17th.

While I won't be there, you can get some Flextras goodies at Flash Camp Philadelphia on November 7th.

Additionally, I recently interviewed for two separate podcasts. It is definitely a switch to be an interviewee as opposed to a producer. Yakov Fain interviewed me for his No BS IT podcast at the Adobe Max conference, and Shashank Tiwari got me on his Speak Rich podcast.

Bullet Proofing Flex Components by Jeffry Houser - Boston FUG Recording

A presentation I gave at the Boston Flex User Group is now posted. This is a version of Bullet Proofing Flex Components, where I talk about things you can do to prime your components for reuse.

This was an in-person presentation and It was recorded using my laptop's mic, but I'm told the sound quality is pretty good.

It's amazing at how the audience can direct a presentation through their questions. An audience member asked me about reasons to use component lifecycle methods; and I think it was a great side step to the presentation.

Bullet Proofing Flex Components - Recording

A recording of the presentation I gave at the RIA Meetup group has been posted.

The presentation is entitled Bullet Proofing Flex Components and delves deep into some of the code for Flextras components to help you understand how to optimize your components for reuse.

Flextras Friday Lunch - Episode 16 - 05/22/2009 - 360|Flex Indy Wrapup

This is episode Sixteen of the Flextras Friday Lunch podcast, originally broadcast on May 22nd, 2009. In this episode, I talk about the 360|Flex conference in Indianapolis. We also touch on Flash on Mobile Devices, and I dish out some advice for business start ups.

Flextras Friday Lunch is a short demo followed by open Q&A that occur every Friday at 1pm EST. The presentations take place over Connect. You can find out what time this occurs in your own time zone at

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I hope I can help answer some of your questions at the next one.



Join Flextras at 360|Flex

Flextras is proud to be a sponsor of the 360|Flex conference in Indianapolis, starting in just one week. We're so excited we created this character that you can get your picture taken with (or taken as). I know that tickets are still available. We also have an extra special treat for all 360|Flex attendees. But you have to register to find out what it is.

The conference is real cost effective compared to others in the space. Here is my take on their reasons to go:

  • Get your picture taken with the Flextras guy
  • Learn from over 60 sessions of Flex, AIR and ActionScript
  • Bond with the world's top Flex Developers over an open bar at their great networking events
  • Go from 0 to 100 in your Flex Developer knowledge with Sunday's Flex 101 hands-on training
  • Boost your Karma by helping out at the Charity Code Jam.
  • Did I mention you should get your picture taken with the Flextras guy?

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