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Get your Free Spark AutoComplete Component

Last week, I sent this out as a modified version of the Flextras Newsletter, talking about all about the Spark version of our Flex AutoCompleteComboBox Component, which is now available for you to use in any way you choose, with no cost and with no watermarks.

What is AutoComplete?

An AutoComplete component is one that allows you to filter a drop down list as you type. This functionality is everywhere these days and you use it when you type in your browser's address bar or when you type a search query into Google. Our Flex AutoComplete component allows you to implement this functionality in Flex. If you've already downloaded our developer edition, or purchased a license. Thank you on both accounts.

The First Step

Our first step in creating the Spark AutoComplete was to create the basic functionality that makes up an AutoComplete Component:

  • Drop Down Filtering
  • Drop Down Highlighting

This functionality is in our free AutoCompleteComboBoxLite component, available as part of our AutoComplete Developer Edition.

This component is not watermarked, and you can use it in production systems. We've updated our license agreement to accommodate for 'free' components, so check out our version compare chart.

Review our AutoComplete Manual for information on how to use itemRenderers to customize the highlighting in the drop down or how to control the filtering with a filterFunction.

If you want the source code, that is available too, but you'll have to purchase the Unlimited Domain Edition. If you've already purchased the Unlimited Domain Edition, you just have to sign into your account and re-download the release builds to get the source code.

We'll be implementing the more advanced API features of our AutoComplete, such as selectOnEqual and selectOnEnter over the next few months in order to bring our Spark AutoComplete component up to a feature parallel with our Halo component.

Mobile AutoComplete

Creating a Spark component is the first step in supporting our components on mobile devices, so you can expect more on that in the future. We'll be speaking at 360|Flex in Denver about moving from MX components to mobile components. Expect more information in the future about using Flextras components on mobile devices. If you're already doing it, we'd love to hear more details.

Can You let your Friends Know?

We're looking to make 2011 a strong year for this component business of ours, so I'm asking you to help spread the word. Tell your friends about the work we're doing, and direct them to our free Spark AutoComplete Component. Tweet about this, or post it to your Facebook wall. Make a mention of it in your blog. Anything you can do to help us get the word out is greatly appreciated.

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