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Product Version Compare Chart

Our goal at Flextras is to provide licensing options that meet your needs. This page is intended to provide a table that easily shows differences in the versions, but our lawyer wanted us to say it does not constitute a legal agreement.
You can review the actual legalese here and check out our FAQ.

Free Edition Unlimited Domain Edition w/ Source
Can be used for Development? Yes Yes
Is Fully Functional? Yes Yes
Can be used in a Desktop Application, such as one built with Adobe AIR? Yes Yes
Can be used in a Mobile Application? Yes Yes
Includes Sample Source Code? Yes Yes
Includes Component Source Code? No, but you can get it by purchasing our Unlimited Domain Edition. Yes
Includes Unit Tests? No Yes, if available
Can I use in my ASP Web Application? Yes Yes
Can I share with other developers on my team? Yes No, you'll have to buy a license for each developer on your team.
Can I Get help? Yes, you can choose any of our free support options. Yes, you can get private one-on-one support via email or phone.
Can I distribute the source code of the component No No, but if you want an OEM license for that, please contact us.

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