AutoCompleteCollectionEvent The AutoCompleteCollectionEvent represents events associated with the AutoComplete filtering functionality of the AutoCompleteComboBox.
 AutoCompleteComboBox The Flextras AutoCompleteComboBox is an advanced ComboBox, providing AutoComplete functionality, type-ahead functionality, label truncation, a selectedValue option, and an automatic width resize to content.
 AutoCompleteComboBoxEvent The AutoCompleteComboBoxEvent class represents generic events associated with the AutoCompleteComboBox.
 AutoCompleteComboBoxResizeEvent The AutoCompleteComboBoxResizeEvent class represents drop down resize events associated with the AutoCompleteComboBox, either when the height is changed for AutoComplete purposes, or when the width is expanded for expandDropDownToContent purposes.
 AutoCompleteListData The AutoCompleteListData class defines the data type of the listData property implemented by drop-in item renderers or drop-in item editors for the drop down piece of the AutoCompleteComboBox control.
 TypeAheadTimerEvent The TypeAheadTimerEvent class represents time events related to the type-ahead functionality of the AutoCompleteComboBox.