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Privacy Policy


This privacy policy is designed to tell you what information we collect on you and what we do with it.

Information we Collect

You can use , as is, to find information about us or our products without providing us any personal information. In order for us to provide certain services to you, we will need information from you. All information we collect is voluntary provided by you.

Anonymous Data

We use browser cookies to track your movements through our site. This data is does not identify you and is only used to help us figure out how to improve the site.


Some services, such as downloading our no cost free editions or signing up for our monthly newsletter require registration. To register you must provide us with your name and a valid e-mail address. We will use an e-mail verification process to validate your account before you can partake in such services. You can edit your registration data at any from the site.

IP Address

If you download a product, or make a purchase, including a free edition we will store your IP as part of the proof that you agree to use the product within accordance to our license agreement.


To buy a product from our e-commerce store, you must have, or register for an account. In addition to normal registration information we will ask for billing address and credit card information. Credit card information, including the primary account number, CCV, and expiration date is passed onto our credit card processor, but is not stored by us in any manner.

What We Do With Information We Collect

We will never sell, rent, give away, trade or otherwise disseminate the information you provide to us.

We may provide information to our vendors for the purpose of providing services on our behalf. An example of this is that we send your billing information to a payment gateway provider for the purposes of processing a purchase.

Data Retention Policy

We never store Credit Card information on our servers.
Your account will be kept active for as long as you wish it. If you desire your account be deleted; please contact us with your request and we will respond within ten business days.
Your purchase history data must be kept for a length of time specified by our merchant account provider. It is 2 years at the time of this writing. We can only delete purchase history after this length of time has passed. If you want your purchase history deleted, please contact us with your request and we will respond within ten business days.


When ordering a product from our e-commerce store, the information is passed between you and the server using HTTPS / SSL. Credit card transactions are processed by established third party banking, and processing agents.